Tazz + Roxie


Who were Tazz and Roxie? Roxie was our "little girl" and Tazz was our "best buddy". They were also our dogs... but not just any dogs, they were a part of our family. Both had unique personalities. Roxie was an Australian Shepherd mix who was constantly at work and never completely rested. There were birds, squirrels and cats to save us from and keep off her property, and of course, she always needed to sniff out those nasty termites and rodents. She was relentless at her tasks and was the ultimate watch dog.

Tazz was a White Shepard/Retriever mix. A lopped eared gallute!! He was a big boy, a comedian and did not like to work much. He would rather have a good time. His claim to fame was being a thief. He was, after all, part Retriever; so he would retrieve... phones, wallets, TV remotes, packs of cigarettes, hammers or whatever else was laying around. Yes... Tazz would retrieve whether you wanted it "retrieved" or not!

Roxie was an obedient girl and listened without hesitation. She loved laying on the front porch just watching the neighborhood activities. She would never leave the porch without permission. Tazz on the other hand only listened part of the time. He kinda had a Alfred E. Newman "What-me-worry" attitude. Even though he was big enough to stand next to a kitchen table and lay his head on it, he thought he was a lap dog.

They did have one thing in common... they had all the humans in their lives well trained to get them cookies on demand. Roxie would tactfully "herd" you over to the cookie jar by gently tugging at your clothes and nudging you in the right direction. Tazz was not so delicate. He would use his size and brute strength to get you there by grabbing your wrist and pulling or pushing you to the jar. But he was a gentle giant and never used more "persuasion" then needed. He could eat through a 2x4 but was absolutely gentle with babies and small children.

Our new dog is Einstein. He is a Papillion who weighs about seven pounds wet. My son found him in a parking lot after the owner threw him out of her car. We always had medium and large sized dogs, but this dog, with his big ears, crooked jaw and over sized bent tongue that sticks out all the time has stole our hearts. We can't believe we have a FuFu slipper dog! He is seventy pounds of love in a seven pound body. Even though we now have Einstein, we still miss Tazz and Roxie terribly so we decided to dedicate a page in memory of the animals we have met on past inspections.