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"Only the home buyer is my client, no one else!"

Dear Tom,
Thank you for your prompt and courteous service on my recent home inspection. You did a very thorough job and even climbed up into the attic despite the extreme temperatures. Your report was very useful as well. I would recommend you without reservation. Fortunate for me, I found your website with no prior recommendation and trusted my instincts that you would do an exceptional job. I'm sure any new customer would be glad they contacted you!
Heidi M. Horn

In an industry where there are a lot of quacks, All Aspects is the real thing! They went above and beyond what a normal inspection company would do when inspecting the home I'm buying. Color pictures with detail of all areas of concern with a brief summary. All I can say is these are your guys.
May the wind be at your back Tom.
Sean Byrne

It was a pleasure working with the Walsh's. Not only did they provide great service, but there were laughs along the way!
Fran Rogalle

"The report was more then I expected"
Tom was great. He gave me all the information I needed before, not after I bought the house. I would definitely use him again! Thank you for all your help.
Ilyssa Roth

"Tom answered all our questions no matter how simple or obvious since we are new to becoming home owners"
We were extremely pleased with our experience especially since it is our first time going through the process. Tom Walsh was very informative and patent when explaining different issues and answering our numerous questions. He provided us with a very comprehensive, yet easy to follow report along with helpful recommendations. We would definitely refer him to others or use him again in the future.
Kim Pearson

"Our inspection report was thorough, our inspector was informative, knowledgeable and took his time and was available on any day we needed"
Denise Reilly

"I was very pleased with Tom’s slow methodical inspection. Tom allowed me to stand alongside him as he worked. He also showed me anything he found that was unusual or suspect. I will definitely use him again."
"Lots of photos"
Thanks again,
Eddie Healy

"Saved us a headache and $$$$$$"
"Saved me a move I would have made from a Utopia to a money pit"
Thanks KS

"The service was well done! We were very impressed with the color digital pictures, the information included and how well the report was done as well as how fast we received it. Our family and friends complemented the report also. If we ever need a home inspection again........ All Aspects will be NUMBER ONE on our list before buying!!!"
Thank you,
Sincerely G.D.Z

"One Saturday morning in April we had an early morning meeting with our attorney to discuss the report that was prepared by All Aspects Home Inspections. After looking over the extremely through report, we had a few questions and our attorney advised us not to sign the contract before those questions were answered. It was 8:00 a.m., it was Saturday, but could not wait. I called Tom from All Aspects, apologized for calling at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday, and then he (Tom) politely informed me that it was 5:00 a.m. in California. Tom was on vacation and I probably woke him up. I begged him to call back at another time, but he insisted that he answer my questions 5:00 a.m. on a Saturday while he was on vacation.
If that is not quality service, I don’t know what is!
Thank you to Tom Walsh and his staff at All Aspects Home Inspection for making the very stressful home buying process that much less stressful."

"Excellent service and reliable and informative information"
Osmond Taylor

“All Aspects meets all our needs, without the valuable information, I don’t think we would have bought the property”
"Very informative"

I thought Tom was great; very informative and professional. I look forward to working with him on my future home and investment purchases."
Thank you,
Jeff Rosado
Central Islip

"Tom was very diligentant and extremely attentive"
Jennifer Schelesinger
New York

"Very through"
"We were recommended by my fiancés mom and we would do the same"
Melissa Vasquez
North Massapequa

Dear Tom
“Thank you very much for providing our family with a very through inspection.”
“I will most definitely recommend All Aspects Home Inspection Inc. to anyone in need of your services. Your personable demeanor and professionalism is excellent. Keep up the good work.”
Dorothy Santana

Dear Tom
“Thanks again for your professionalism and cooperation.”
Yvonne Stallworth
Huntington Station

“All Aspects Home Inspection proved to be very professional and demonstrated a high degree of knowledge regarding all household systems. Their comprehensive report was clear and easy read. Truly and impressive and trusted company”
East Rockaway

“Tom Walsh was quite the professional, and did a fantastic job”
Michael Morgan
East Meadow

"We appreciate your thorough inspection. Will highly recommend your company to our clients"
Thanks again,
Linda Hoffman

"We highly recommend Mr. Walsh for "All Aspects" of your home inspection! His knowledge and genuineness transcends through his work"
Jean-Paul & Marisol Afif
Richmond Hill

"A service and inspector you can rely on to give accurate information and quality work.
Very professional and courteous"
Dorothy & Ken Santana

"Extremely professional knowledgeable service with no details left out of the equasion"
Glen Cove

"I was pleasantly surprised at how prompt, through and knowledgeable Mr Walsh was. He really put my mind at ease and helped me make an informed decision"
Denis Beyersdolf

"Thomas was excellent. He was an expert inspector and went over everything with a fine tooth comb. He was patient with my phone calls I made to him after the inspection. Go Thomas.
Howard H.
North Bellmore

"Thanks again Tom, you did an excellent job. The report was informative. I would definitely recommend All Aspects Home Inspection to anyone buying a home"
Robert Kaufmann
East Northport

“I just want to say that Tom Walsh has the talent of no one I have ever seen. He is through and does not miss any nook or cranny in the house or outside the house.”
Thank you for everything,

“All Aspects and Tom Walsh was professional & through. Very helpful and even though we did not buy the house, I will definitely be calling them on the next one. Excellent company!”
Dara Crawford

“The inspection was done swiftly and thoroughly. Tom provided extensive detail and professional reporting. The report was precise and easy to understand. My experience with All Aspects was comforting and reassuring. I will gladly recommend All Aspects to anyone I know that is in need for the services provided. Thank you for making it easy.”
John Haney Jr.

Being a first time homeowner I was glad I had someone like your self. I valued your opinion. You made me feel like I was your daughter buying a house. You tell it like it is…… no “BS”. If only the business had more “true” people in it, people would never have any headaches after buying a home. Thanks for being there for us…. “
Irene Deniker

"The inspection was through in every way. Attention was given to details. I would definitely recommend All Aspects for your inspection.”

“Tom responded to our need to perform an inspection quickly and did a very through job for a fair price. We recommend Tom and would definitely use him again”
Air Markus

"Myself and my husband were very happy with Tom Walsh. We would definitely recommend him to any friends & family."
Ann Russo Smith

My attorney stated that the report was the most detailed he has ever seen.
William & Cynthia K.

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