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We offer diverse inspection services:

Whether you are thinking of selling your present home or looking to purchase a home, an inspection can help you make a financially sound decision.

The purchase, or selling, of a home represents the largest single investment most Americans make in their lifetime. Yet surprisingly, the majority of people still buy "on impulse," basing their selection on the aesthetic appeal of the house, rather than a knowledge of its physical condition. Sometimes this mistake is costly!

The average inspection takes approximately two hours and a draft report is emailed , in most cases, within 36 hours. Hard copies are then sent by mail.

Each inspection includes two color reports, complete with digital pictures and the full report on a CD. One is sent to the client and one is sent to the representing attorneys office.

We encourage the client to go through the house with the inspector and ask questions along the way. This is an opportunity for the buyer to get to know the house and feel comfortable with their choice.

Remember... "A picture is worth a thousand words!"

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