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Environmental Data Resources, Inc.

Contaminated Nation!

Every day families and communities are affected by toxic substances that have been leaked, spilled, buried and dumped across the United States.

According to www.contaminatednation.blogspot.com:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Contamination still a problem across United States

Auguest 16, 2008
Bay Shore, New York landowners unhappy with pace of cleanup

Sunday, August 10, 2008
EPA warns New York residents about PCBs

Potential liabilities like groundwater contamination, hazardous waste sites, and even 'meth' labs can determine whether homebuyers or sellers — you — rest easy with the purchase decision. With an EDR report, now YOU can see the property’s clean bill of health in one thorough, easy-to-read report from the nation’s leading provider of environmental information. Order your report with an EDR-certified home inspector through All Aspects Home Inspections Inc.

Call All Aspects Home Inspections Inc, for an EDR-Certified Home Inspection company to order a Neighborhood Environmental Report

Ask for a Neighborhood Environmental Report with your Home Inspection...
and Get Peace of Mind.

Even the most “pristine” or “upscale” areas can have environmental issues affecting health and home values. An EDR Neighborhood Environmental ReportTM helps ensure that there are no surprises. This report searches for records of contamination from common occurrences such as:

  • Leaking underground fuel or gas tanks that can contaminate soil and groundwater
  • Homes formerly used as “Meth” labs, where residual chemicals can cause illness
  • Contamination from nearby industrial sites, farms or accidental toxic spills
  • EPA’s top clean-up priority properties

Many residential properties and neighborhoods are clean. To be sure that yours is - and ensure your property’s future value - order the EDR Neighborhood Environmental ReportTM with your home inspection.

Trust the Experts

Environmental Data Resources, Inc. (EDR) provides the most comprehensive residential environmental report available. EDR has been a national leader in the U.S. environmental information market since 1990 and is a recognized authority and innovator in providing environmental information for real estate transactions.

EDR is wholly owned by DMG Information, the business information division of Daily Mail and General Trust, plc (DGMT).

To learn more about EDR’s Neighborhood Environmental Reports, contact us at 1-800-624-0470 or visit us at www.edrnet.com/residential.

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